A limited podcast series on the implementation of circular economy models in the construction sector. Each of the four episodes focus on a specific aspect of circular construction. This podcast series is part of the Circular EcoBIM project, which is funded by EEA grants Portugal.


Verena Göswein
Ana Mestre

Verena is a senior consultant at 3drivers and the project manager of Circular EcoBIM. In 2020, she completed her PhD in Civil Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) with distinction and honor. Her interdisciplinary research improves the understanding of sustainable construction materials considering different spatial and temporal dynamics. Her research has been published in various journals. Besides her work at 3drivers, she is a post-doctoral research associate at the Chair of Sustainable Construction at ETH Zurich. Moreover, Verena is an ESG manager at FREO Group, an international real estate developer.

Ana is a senior consultant at 3drivers.  With a background in energy and environmental engineering, she has always been motivated by the topic of sustainable construction, particularly in building renovation. Her experience is diverse, ranging from academic research for European projects, consultancy for companies to project development in NGOs. Throughout her experience she has become increasingly interested in waste management. She is driven by the passion of making cities smart and resilient.

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