Join Circular EcoBIM on Industrial Ecology Day

Join the team from the Circular EcoBIM project, financed by EEA Grants Portugal, during the Industrial Ecology Day on June 21st, an exciting 24-our international online event to reconnect with peers.

We will host a session called “Improving building circularity through BIM/LCA integration”. The goal of this session is to share research agendas of circular buildings to enable increased recovery, reuse and recycling of construction materials. The session will start with current methodologies including Building Information Modelling (BIM)/LCA integration and its application to singular building (elements). Moreover, the analysis of circular material use in building stocks will be discussed. Bottom-up building stock models allow spatializing material use and resources, while simultaneously looking at future housing demand and renovation need in cities. This session focuses on the embodied impacts of new construction and renovation of urban (residential and non-residential) building stocks.

Selected abstracts will be invited to give a presentation and participate in the panel discussion.

The session will therefore be organized as follows: five presentations from selected speakers (12 minutes each), followed by a moderated panel discussion of the speakers (30 minutes) and an open Q&A (15 minutes).

More information and abstract submission here.

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