Final Event Circular EcoBIM

After two years of hard work, we had the pleasure to present the results of the Circular EcoBIM project, promoted in a final event in Lisbon on the 3rd of October.

The event was full of interesting presentations about the developed tools, which include Revit plugins for automated LCA and circularity assessment, a digital twin tool and a relational database. You can find the full recording on YouTube.

EEA Grants, the funding agency of this project, officially opened the event. The presentation of the project results followed, where some of the partners had the chance to highlight the most interesting results the project has achieved. The presentations were followed by a roundtable about the future of digitization of circular construction. To sum it up: the project contributes to the body of knowledge in two ways: by improving the methodology for building circularity analysis and by producing the necessary software tools for building practitioners. However, we need policymakers to step up and provide the industry with the much-needed frameworks and incentives for an actual transition towards a circular economy in the building sector. Thank you to our panelists Marco Pedroso, Paulo Ferrão e Pedro Mêda for your insights. The event had also the representation from the Norwegian Embassy in Lisbon.

You can already download one of the circularity tools developed under the project, from GitHub repository.

All the reports and resources will be uploaded until the end of year. Stay tuned!

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